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Fleet Preview Update 1.13 improves code completion and much more

Hello! The first Fleet Preview update in 2023 is available for download. Here’s a brief overview of the most notable changes and bug fixes in 1.13:

  • ‘Git Sync’ was renamed to ‘Git Pull & Push’, so it is more transparent and predictable what to expect when using this action.
  • Now when hovering over an element with a warning/error, you can see both the warning/error message and the documentation if it is available.
  • A Go to Declaration shortcut similar to one in IntelliJ IDEA was implemented. Now you can use Ctrl/Command + Click to find usages or definitions of a symbol.
  • The problem with editing keymaps was fixed. Now you can modify a keymap using the UI even if the changes in the user.json were made previously.
  • Important update for the i3wm users: after this update, the IntelliJ keymap shortcuts can be used to move Fleet to a different workspace.
  • Fixed wrong items on top of code completion lists (FL-14232)
  • Completion performance for the Gradle/Maven projects was improved.
  • Python: the built-in terminal now automatically activates the project virtual environment if it is present. The feature is available in smart mode.
  • JavaScript/JSX: Improved code completion suggestions (FL-16667)
  • Go/Python: Improved matching of local variables in code completion lists (FL-15126)

We hope you’ll like these improvements! ​

See full release notes for the details about all the changes.

Please report any issues to our issue tracker, and stay tuned for the upcoming release announcements.

To download the update, check your Toolbox App and install version 1.13.92.

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